How to Make an Eternity Ring More Special

For a happy and contented married woman, the two most cherished rings in her life must be her wedding ring and eternity ring. While wedding rings symbolize the undying love between her and her husband, an eternity ring revalidates the promise of forever.

An eternity ring is usually given by a spouse to his wife during a special occasion to reaffirm his endless love for his wife. A continuous band of precious metal adorned with cut gemstones, an eternity ring is also an expression of the appreciation and gratitude of the husband for his wife. Indeed, an eternity ring is a thing of value not only because of the precious metal and the gemstones on it but also because of the significance that comes with it.

It must be the dream of every married woman to be given an eternity during her marriage to the man she adores and loves. To make it more special, here are tips for the loving and committed husband to make sure that the eternity ring will be priceless for a lifetime.

Search for a Reputable Jewelry Maker

A jewelry maker who has been in the business for many years must have the best understanding of individual preferences. You can select an eternity ring from its wide array of designs or you can let it be customized according to your taste. A ring with a unique and intricate design will surely make your wife very happy.

Eternity rings which are also referred to as infinity rings can either come as a full eternity ring or half eternity ring. Half eternity rings have gemstones only on the face of the ring only while full eternity rings have gemstones all around the ring. Gemstones can be of any precious stone but the most preferred are diamonds.

To spot the best jewelry maker, you should look for their license and certifications from authorized bodies to attest their integrity and prove the quality of their products.

Choose a Special Occasion

Coinciding the giving of the eternity ring with a special occasion in your lives will make it more memorable. You can place the eternity ring on your wife’s left middle finger during your 5th wedding anniversary or the 10th maybe. Or you can coincide the event with the birth of your first child. This will help you both to remember the important date for as long as you live.

Document the Event

Take a picture, a video, or anything that will document the event while you place the eternity ring on your wife’s left middle finger. This will help you relive the moment even after how many years. The photos or a video, together with the ring, will always serve as reminders of the promise of the eternal love that you professed to your wife.…